Technical Dialogue on the effect of Traffic Congestion on Supply Chains in Latin American Cities

In the framework of the development of the Methodology to Analyze and Quantify the Impacts of Congestion on Supply Chains in Latin-American Cities the Transport Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), coordinated by the Transport Specialist Pablo Guerrero, will meet on Thursday April 16, 2015 with LAC private sector representatives to discuss key issues to estimate cost generated by traffic congestion on supply chains in the LAC cities.

Traffic congestion generates added costs that significantly increase the logistics costs of transported goods. This work seeks to identify what percentage involving the logistics costs are linked to traffic congestion and how these costs are transferred on the final price to customers.

The meeting will feature prominent private sector agents from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The conclusions obtained in this Dialogue on Thursday April 16 at IDB Headquarters will be essential to focus IDB effort on city logistics.