Logistics and its implications for regional development

On August 8th an international seminar was held in Montevideo on the topic of “Logistics and its implications for regional development.” The seminar was opened by Enrique Pintado, the Minister of Transportation and Public Works of Uruguay; Enrique Iglesias, the Ibero-American Secretary General; and Miguel Taborda, the chief of operations and head of the Inter-American Development Bank’s country office in Uruguay.

The seminar was organized into two sections. The first, focusing on “The state of regional logistics and its trade implications”, was led by Mauricio Mesquita Moreira and Julieta Abad of the IDB and Verónica Raffo of the World Bank. The second, “Logistics today: Airport and port logistics centers and the modernization of customs in terms of trade facilitation and security”, was led by Enrique Canon, the director of Uruguayan Customs; Carolina Henderson of the RICOH company; and Beatriz Tabacco, president of the National Logistics Institute of Uruguay.