First international urban freight seminar, University of the Andes

The first international urban freight seminar took place at the Bogota campus of the University of the Andes and was sponsored by the Volvo Center and the Inter-American Development Bank’s Regional Observatory for Freight Transport and Logistics. During the two-day seminar, Colombian and international experts presented their research and experiences on the necessities and problems of the sector, public and private strategies, and successful case studies in Colombia and other countries. The seminar covered technical topics, such as the modelling of freight transport systems, as well as practical themes, such as technological transport solutions, the modes of operation of private stakeholders and the contribution of public policy to freight logistics.

The objectives of the seminar were to describe the state of freight transport in main cities; to analyze operative and regulatory methodologies for services in the freight sector; to share implemented sustainable practices and their results; and to debate the planning and design of policies that improve economic competitiveness, quality of life, and environmental justice.

The seminar was organized into four sessions:

1. Challenges of freight transport logistics

2. Politics and strategies for urban freight

3. Modelling of urban freight systems

4. Best practices for urban freight systems