Local Authority Freight Management Guide

Author: Department for Transport of the United Kingdom

The guide is a reference document for local authority officers with responsibility for freight. It aims to improve the understanding of the nature of freight, leading to the production of high quality and deliverable freight strategies and action plans. This will foster efficient operations that minimise the impacts on environment, safety and other transport users. It provides advice and support for policies, such as Local Transport Plan (LTP) strategies, and aims to enhance local authority delivery performance. The guide is thus not a policy itself; rather it is a document that shows how targets within policy can be focused on and achieved.

This document has been set out under five overarching headings, which cover the main themes addressed within the guide. The themes are: Understanding Freight; Judging the Impacts of Freight Management; Road Freight Management; Other Modes and Solution Process.

(Taken from the Guide´s introduction)