A Guide on How to Set up and Run Freight Quality Partnerships

Author: Freight Best Practice

This guide, prepared by Simon Collings, is aimed at those involved in setting up and running Freight Quality Partnerships (FQPs). FQPs are partnerships between the freight industry, local government, local businesses, the local community, environmental groups and other interested stakeholders. They aim to develop an understanding of freight transport issues and problems and to promote constructive solutions, which reconcile the need for access to goods and services with local environmental and social concerns.

The guide is designed primarily for local authorities and focuses on the delivery of solutions to localised freight transport problems through FQPs. It is, however, also relevant to other organisations who may wish to set up, or be involved in an FQP such as regional authorities, chambers of commerce, businesses and freight operators.

The purpose of the guide is to provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up and run an effective FQP: an effective FQP being one that achieves tangible outcomes to specific freight transport problems.

(Taken from the guide's summary)