Assessment of Port Performance and Port Connectivity Study in Belize, Central America and the Dominican Republic

Author: Freight Transport and Logistics Mesoamerican Observatory

Transportation in the mainland of Central America is complex as the region is too small and does not have enough volume for a dense maritime net­work but too big and lacking in road infrastructure to be adequately served by land for national and international trade needs. Development of land connectivity and integration to an efficient mari­time system is essential for the development of the region. The main recommendation of this technical note on the situation of ports in Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama is to streamline their operations in order to be more efficient and to integrate their processes with customs and other government agencies to facilitate entry and exit of containers from their yards.

This technical note was edited by Pablo Guerrero and Julieta Abad, on the basis of a report by Georgia Tech's Logistics Innovation and Research Center at Panama City, executing agency of the Freight Transport and Logistics Mesoamerican Observatory.