Freight transport and logistics observatories: Considerations for implementation

Author: Transport Division, Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank fosters the creation of a freight transport and logistics observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean and of a network of national observatories. This initiative seeks to close the gap between the necessity and availability of information in the sector. The current document, “Design and implementation of national freight transport and logistics observatories: Phases and strategic considerations”, organized around three questions, is meant to orient policy makers on the creation of these institutions. 1) What is the current situation of a country’s logistics sector, and what tasks should the observatory carry out? This implies identifying the principal demands the observatory will face, based on a reflection of the main challenges of the country in terms of logistics and trade facilitation. 2) Where and how will the observatory be established? With those demands in mind, the institution should be designed in relation to the organization of the State and its legal framework. This means defining its location, governing mechanisms, articulation with diverse stakeholders, funding, etc. 3) What activities will the observatory carry out in its first years? This means creating a work plan that proposes activities (for example, for the first two years) and defines their content, the people responsible, and the resources necessary to carry them out.