Towards a Regional Freight Transport and Logistics Observatory

Author: Transport Division, Inter-American Development Bank

Freight transport has grown substantially in recent years, both at the global level and in Latin America and the Caribbean, leading to important positive impacts as well as negative externalities. The increasing importance of the sector has deepened the need for access to data, not just for private actors who seek to improve their commercial strategies, but also for authorities and institutions interested in developing public policies on the subject. However, this need for information contrasts with the weakness of statistics in the sector.

The technical paper “Regional Observatory for Freight Transport and Logistics: An Answer to the Needs of Information and Knowledge” proposes the creation of a regional observatory to resolve these informational needs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The technical paper: i) analyzes the gap between the requirements and the availability of information referring to freight transport and logistics; ii) reviews the appropriateness of an observatory as an institutional model to overcome said gap; iii) evaluates the lessons of two workshops carried out on the topic, one with several similar observatories and the other with various countries interested in the initiative; iv) proposes the creation of the Regional Observatory for Freight Transport and Logistics, defining its possible functions, organization and financing structure, and delineating the characteristics of a network of national observatories, and v) suggesting a possible plan of action for the regional observatory.

This technical note is in Spanish.

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