The Observatory initiative aims to cover the needs of information and analysis in freight transportation and logistics in the countries of the Mesoamerica Project.

The Observatory seeks to:

      •   Measure, monitor and compare the logistics performance of the countries in the region.
      • Provide technical and analytical support in the definition of the policy agenda for regional integration policies and for consolidation of logistics and freight transportation services in the medium and long term.
      • Generate knowledge to identify improvement areas in the transportation of goods and the development of public policies consistent with the specific needs of the countries.

        Develop tools for comparative analysis of logistic chains and for expanding the potential of intraregional trade.



To provide information and analysis tools related to freight transportation and logistics, in order to support the development of public policies by the governments of the Mesoamerica region and the consolidation of the regional logistics system, for the benefit of regional trade and integration, and the adoption of best practices that result in improved competitiveness and quality of life in the region.




A sustainable observatory of freight transportation and logistics, which becomes a model of effectiveness and efficiency and is consulted by governments, public institutions and the private sector, in order to consolidate regional integration and to strengthen the trade of goods in the Mesoamerican region.