Bandera y escudo de Honduras

Technical Secretary of Foreign Planning and Aid

Secretary of Industry and Trade

National Council of Competitiveness and Innovation

FIDE, Investment and Exports


Bandera y escudo de Belice

Department of Transport


Customs & Excise Department

Dominican Republic

Bandera y escudo de República Dominicana

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development

Ministry of Public Works and Communications

Customs General Management


Bandera y escudo de México

Secretary of Finance and Public Credit-Tax Administration Service

Secretary of Economy-Foreign Trade

Secretary of Transport and Communications


Bandera y escudo de Nicaragua

Custom Services General management

Ministry of Promotion-Industry and Trade

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

El Salvador

Bandera y escudo de El Salvador

Ministry of Finance

El Salvador Trade

Vice-Ministry of Transportation

Costa Rica

Bandera y escudo de Costa Rica

Customs General Management -Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Trade

Ministry of Public Works and Transportation


Bandera y escudo de Panamá

National Center of Competitiveness

Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Customs National Authority

Panama Maritime Authority


Bandera y escudo de Guatemala

Vice-Ministry of Integration and Foreign Trade

Roads General Management

Tax Administration Superintendence




Bandera y escudo de Colombia

Management of Taxes and Domestic Customs

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism

Ministry of Transportation

Foreign Trade Bank of Colombia